At Northwest Machine Works, we focus on high quality parts that exceed customer expectations. We are service-oriented and will work with you to find the most cost effective approach to manufacturing your parts.

We will always do our best to produce the highest quality products in the least amount of time. We employ a rigorous quality control system and projects are fully-traceable from material sourcing through delivery.

Our standard inspection procedure includes a minimum of:

• Visual inspection of received material to ensure it meets customer specifications
• 1st article in-process inspections at every stage of the project
• 10% minimum piece inspections for large quantity jobs
• Final inspection including verification of all in-process inspections and tests

* Additional inspection (quantity, frequency, method, etc.) is available upon request

CNC Capabilities - Milling

With our four 4-Axis vertical milling centers, precision parts can be machined to tolerances of +/-.0002". All of our 4-Axis VMCs are equipped with a minimum of a 20 station tool changer and the ability to perform fully integrated 4-axis simultaneous machining. Our machines are capable of machining tough materials efficiently.

• Maximum Cutting Area: 40" x 20" x 20" tall
• 4-Axis Simultaneous Machining
• 4-Axis Indexed machining

Complex shapes and configurations are created on our Autodesk system and CNC machined efficiently. We can accept .dwg, .igs, .stp and Solidwork files for reference on a job and our skilled machinists handle the machine-specific programming.

CNC Capabilities - Turning

• Six of our CNC Lathes have a max. swing of 16", a 59" bed and a bar capacity of 4".

• Two of our CNC Lathes are heavy-duty models with a max. swing of 22", 78" bed, and bar capacity of 6.5"!

Tight tolerance parts can easily be manufactured in production quantities. All of our CNC lathes can allow for a complete part to be manufactured with reduced handling and reloading time, which saves our customers money.

Manual Machine Capabilities

With up to a 14" thru-bore and a max swing of 40", our manual lathes are built to handle large jobs efficiently. We have several hollow spindle lathes, drill presses and milling machines, as well as a vertical 65-ton hydraulic press.



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